How to Stop Your Customers from Complaining Online

Over the years I have learned a great deal about reputation management and the anatomy of a customer complaint. And surprisingly enough, the problem of consumer filing complaints online is only getting worse. Corporations keep growing, outsourcing customer service, and ignoring customer feedback. It seems to be unavoidable. So, how do you stop your customers … [Read more…]

Matt Cutts Salary and What You Can Learn From It

Disclaimer: I have no idea how much Matt Cutts makes, nor is it really any of my business. I just thought his visibility and transparency made for an interesting hypothetical and analogy. OK read on… I was driving home a few days ago, thinking about a persons “value” to an organization. Not what they think … [Read more…]

How Not to Be Another Broke Entrepreneur

There are tons of absolutely broke dreamers out there, and hopefully I’ve moved in the right direction over the years. I have definitely learned a few things along the way, and I’d like to share a few in hopes of saving at least one person from wasting at least one hour of their life. Ideas, … [Read more…]

A Review of WordPress WordAds vs. Google Adsense

WordPress announced WordAds today on their blog, and many people are already excited about the possibility of monetizing their blog for some easy cash. There are plenty of ways currently to earn money off a blog, one of the more popular ones being by serving up Google Adsense advertisements for CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (cost per … [Read more…]

The Language of the Future is Programming Code

What is the language of the future? To start, let’s look at the past. The history of communication and education dates back to prehistory. It is only when we came together as tribes, cultures, and nations that we really began to advance. Yet, with education comes division. People naturally begin to separate themselves from other … [Read more…]

How to Best Use Social Media for your Small Business

In the last few years, social media has exploded into our lives in a way that it would have been almost impossible to predict even a decade ago. If Facebook were a country it would be the third most populated country in the world, coming in above the United States with a staggering 400 million users. … [Read more…]

Section 230 of the CDA: What You Need to Know

I was browsing through facebook today, when I saw that one of my friends had shared a post from a consumer complaints website. The post was a complaint from a consumer about poor service they received from a local business. My friend had shared the post in defense of the business, and over 35 people had commented … [Read more…]