What Law School Taught Me about Learning

There was a time when law school was my future. It was all I thought about day and night. From researching the top legal fields, to understanding how tiers of law school impacted my future earning capability, I had it all down.

There was one problem, a degree plan. There is no undergraduate degree plan for law school. No certified required courses. No recommendation from the Bar Association. And that drove me crazy.

I wanted to be told the best way to prepare. I wanted the easy way out. So I created my own solution. Instead of buying up all the LSAT prep books I could find, I created my own undergraduate degree plan.

It was a blend of what I thought made a great lawyer. It was part communications part political science, with a little bit of psychology and business as well.

I felt great. I finally had my guide to success. Then everything changed. I launched a website my junior year for fun that ended up gaining meaningful traction. Nearly a million people visited the site in it’s first year, and my love for technology and digital strategy was born.

But here’s what I learned. All that law school prep that I did translated to my future career. I was not actually preparing to be an attorney, I was preparing to be a well-rounded individual.

This is why learning is powerful. It goes with you no matter what twists and turns life may take. So, instead of preparing for a specific future, prepare to learn.