Use Social Media During Everything (Even a Blizzard)

Oncor Twitter Page and Social Media Accounts

I was really impressed with the way the Oncor social media team handled themselves during the latest turn of events in north Texas. For those of you who don’t know, Oncor provides power to more than 7.5 million Texans, and they were really put to the test this past week. The temperature in Texas dove from the high 60′s into the teens in less than 24 hours.

Most of us were stuck inside as ice and frigid temperatures crippled the DFW metroplex. Then the rolling blackouts started. Yet in all that I had peace, I had @oncor social media keeping me company.

Wednesday morning at 6:30am I woke up to a dark and quiet house. Without even having to leave my bed, I rolled over and found my trusty iPhone, right where I left it. Still had plenty of juice left, so I found the Oncor twitter page, and sent them a message. Within 2 minutes I had a reply alerting me to the situation.

Rolling blackouts were in affect to reduce load on the grid, and that power should be restored within 15 minutes. They also gave me a number to call should the blackout last longer. Ok no biggie, and I rolled back over and went to sleep knowing everything would be ok, albeit a bit chilly for the next few minutes.

That is the value of Social Media on the table for any company, regardless of size or market. The ability to stay in contact with your core audience 24/7, making sure they know you care.

Social media isn’t breaking news, so why am I telling you this? Because companies still use old school protocols to regulate new technology like social media. Sometimes people are so worried about sending the right message, that they don’t send any message at all. Often the company waiting to craft a response will get run over by the responsive company already meeting the consumer need.