Why Entrepreneurs Struggle with Empathy

Entrepreneurship and Empathy

I live in the future. Much like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, I feel like I’ve already lived it in some way. No, I do not own a time machine. It has more to do with the way I am.

You see, one of my strengths is vision. I can just as easily imagine what the future holds in 10 years as I can imagine what the next hour of my life might look like. And that causes problems.

And thus brings me to my epiphany. Relationships are not built in the future. They are build by taking life one day at a time. By walking hand in hand with those around us that we love.

This is why entrepreneurs often struggle with empathy. They are living a dual life. Imaging all the alternate realities and possible scenarios ahead. So, cut Marty a break. And as for you Marty, try to live a little more in 1985.