About Me

Born in Austin, TX, and received my B.A. from the University of Texas in Arlington. I’ve worked in everything from nationwide agencies to small start-ups, to in house marketing teams at large publicly traded companies. I built my first computer at 14, purchased a dedicated phone line at 15,  and started my first website at 17. Data and technology has been my life since before I can remember, nothing else ever came close.

Over my lifetime I have owned more than 12,000 domain names, and at Verizon Superpages in 2010 was responsible for a network of websites which boasted more than 32,000,000 monthly unique visitors. In 2011 I led the team of engineers, designers, and developers which built Freegrader.com, a website and sales tool which assisted more than 3,000 sales reps nationwide to sell digital solutions to local businesses.

From 2010 to 2013 I served on the technology board of Light of Life, an international non-profit which distributes food, clothing, and hope to millions in Latin America. Currently I run an in house Digital Marketing team at Dallas based RealPage, which provides SaaS products to more than 8.6 million rental housing units nationwide. Outside of work I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and exploring the great outdoors.