Keith Brown: Data + Digital Marketing

Keith Brown with Mohan at SuperMedia

Don’t take life too seriously, you might not get out alive.

Keith Brown was born in Austin, TX, and received his B.A. from the University of Texas in Arlington. He has worked in everything from nationwide agencies to small start-ups, to in house marketing teams at large publicly traded companies.

He built his first computer at 14, purchased a dedicated phone line at 15,  and started his first website at 17. Data and technology has been life since before Keith can remember, nothing else ever came close.

Over his lifetime Keith Brown has owned more than 12,000 domain names, and at Verizon Superpages in 2010 was responsible for a network of websites which boasted more than 32,000,000 monthly unique visitors.

In 2011 Keith led the team of engineers, designers, and developers which built, a website and sales tool which assisted more than 3,000 sales reps nationwide to sell digital solutions to local businesses. Less than a year into employment at SuperMedia he received the Sales & Marketing MVP award from our CEO on stage in front of our entire company.

Keith Brown After recieving the 2011 SuperMedia MVP Award from Peter McDonald (CEO) and Douglas Wheat (Executive Chairman)

Recieving the SuperMedia MVP Award from Peter McDonald (CEO) and Doug Wheat (Executive Chairman)

Although he had worked hard in the early years in corporate America, there were thousands of others in the marketing department. Keith often joked to his team members that if he ever got this award he would make the on stage photo in front of the entire company something to remember. You can be the judge of that.

Starting in 2012 Keith was recruited by RealPage, a top 10 SaaS company which serves more than 8.6 million rental housing units nationwide. The job was to built a world class digital marketing team comprised of web developers, traffic acquisition experts, and online marketers.

During that time he also served on the M&A team, performing due diligence for several high profile projects. During the time Keith was at RealPage he was a key stakeholder in more than 130mm in software acquisitions, and was the marketing lead on multiple international acquisitions as well.

In addition to professional accomplishments, from 2010 to 2013 Keith Brown served as a leader on the technology board of Light of Life, an international non-profit which distributes food, clothing, and hope to millions in Latin America.

Keith Brown's Picture of Children in San Pedro Sula, Honduras receive the very first stuffed animal of their lives.

Children in Honduras receive the very first stuffed animal of their lives.

He had an incredible time there traveling the world and gained a true sense of how blessed we are in the United States. The organization was heard on nationwide radio programs, and was endorsed by high ranking government officials including the President of Honduras.

In November of 2014 Keith joined Aha! (roadmap software for product managers), as their Marketing Director. When he connected with the team at Aha!, he immediately saw the opportunity to be a part of something different.

More than just another SaaS idea, they have pioneered a new approach to building software, and are growing fast. They have a phenomenal team and great leadership in place, and that means there is no lid on where this rocket will take the company.

Outside of work Keith enjoys reading, playing the piano, and exploring the great outdoors. Some of his favorite places in the world include Barcelona, Maui, and Pacific Northwest. The next stop on his bucket list is most likely Australia.

Keith Brown Looking Out in the Ocean

Headed to the 7 pools in Maui, one of Keith’s favorite places in the world.

Keith loves meeting new people and experiencing new places, it always inspires him to new heights in terms of personal growth. His curiosity drives him to not only travel but to constantly innovate and try new things in his spare time.

One weekend he started a Facebook page dedicated entirely to sunsets and sunrises. A few years later it has more than 200,000 fans in 100 countries around the world.

It all changed in a marketing class while Keith was pursuing his undergraduate degree. He was challenged one day by a guest lecture on consumer complaints and their effect on buying behavior. The revelation that the internet would change everything peaked his interest and lead to more than 30 hours of psychology classes in the next 24 months and an emerging love for marketing.

After spending more time researching websites and marketing than politics and legal precedents, his mind was made up. Keith quickly cancelled plans for law school, and decided to test his luck online. He made the decision to purse digital marketing full-time, and has not looked back since.

You can follow Keith on LinkedIn and Twitter.