Monday, August 31, 2015

Using Fragments in Daily Recap Blog Posts

Why don’t people use HTML fragments when compiling daily recap blog posts? I was recently mentioned in a marketing land daily recap for my post on social authority online. The problem was the list had many different topics, it seemed like I had to scroll forever just to find my post.

Instead, why not just split the list up into HTML fragments, allowing a visitor to quickly rapid fire between the topics that interest them. Here is the same marketing land wrap up, but with fragments included instead.

Click a topic to jump ahead to that section:

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From Marketing Land:

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  • Twitter Expands Enhanced Brand Profiles – And Not Just For Advertisers
    As expected, Twitter has expanded its enhanced brand profiles product to several new account holders today — and it’s not only being rolled out to advertisers. In a statement, Twitter says the enhanced profiles are rolling out to non-advertiser organizations and even individuals. “Enhanced profile pages will continue to roll out to advertising partners, as […]
  • Google “Myth Busts” Microsoft’s Privacy Claims
    That didn’t take long. Google has reacted to Microsoft’s ad campaign that slams Google’s forthcoming privacy policy changes with a mythbusting blog post. Here’s a look at the myths Google says are out there, the facts it claims are true and my own fact checking of both Google and Microsoft. Short story? They both seem […]
  • Efficiency Of Facebook & Google Lead To 1,600 Layoffs At P&G
    The world’s largest marketers have begun to wise-up to the potency and power of online advertising. Proctor & Gamble, who spend $10 billion annually, announced they would be laying off 1,600 jobs and will be relying on digital marketing for savings. P&G is still planning on spending 9 – 11% of sales on advertising, they […]
  • LinkedIn & Twitter Ad Revenue Continue To Climb
    There is no slow-down in sight for social advertising. According to eMarketer, Twitter ad growth is projected to be up 83% in 2012 and LinkedIn will see a 46.1% increase. Twitter 2012 advertising revenues are estimated to be 259.9 million while LinkedIn will be close behind at 226 million. Twitter ad revenue is extremely U.S. […]
  • Study: Only 1% Of Facebook Fans Engage With Brands On Facebook
    A recent study from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute analyzed the engagement of Facebook fans. The results aren’t great. Only 1.3% of fans actually engage with brands within Facebook. The metric used for the study is the “People Talking About This” metric, a number generated from users taking actions on Facebook. The research looked at the top 200 […]
  • Google+ Wins A Crunchie But Gets Razzed By The Daily Show
    Maybe it’s a sign of success when Jon Stewart decides your social network is big enough to mock. Mock he did to Google+ last night on The Daily Show, ironically on the same night that Google+ won an award at The Crunchies. The Daily Show send-up happened when Stewart was talking about US presidential candidates […]
  • Microsoft Slams Google Privacy Changes With “Putting People First” Ad Campaign
    Last September, Google CEO Larry Page warned Google’s biggest threat was Google itself. His words are ringing true, as Google arch-nemesis Microsoft is seizing on Google’s recent missteps to score some points through a newspaper ad campaign that pitches Microsoft’s products as treating customers better than Google’s do. The ads — running in the Wall Street […]
  • Yahoo Lays Off Flickr Customer Service Team, Reportedly 12% Of Entire Staff
    When Flickr Product Chief Markus Spiering wrote a couple weeks ago about things that were being discarded as part of a “New Year’s cleaning,” there was no mention it would include the site’s core customer service team. But at least some, if not all of that team, was given pink slips on Monday — and, […]

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