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How to Capture 75% of the Clicks for a Given Query

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Bing data now shows that adding site links or “deep links” can help you capture more than 75% of the clicks for a given query term.

We’ve all seen the old charts that show the #1 organic result captures around 35% of the clicks for a given term, then it’s down to 10% for #2, and so on. Honestly I don’t really want a percentage of the click distribution for my branded terms, I want ALL the clicks.

Maybe I’m just greedy, but I feel like if you create that impression volume you alone should reap the rewards for it.

Don’t Settle For A Piece, Get The Whole Pie

Why settle for 35% or even 50% of the clicks, when you can capture almost 80% of the impressions for a search term combining paid and organic site links? It’s a no brainer.

I pulled a screen grab of a SERP for Salesforce below to see exactly what I’m talking about, everything above the fold is controlled by the brand. There’s no room for your competition to siphon off your customers or your customers to bash you with negative reviews above the fold.

Image showing paid and organic site links

This new Bing data shows that if you aren’t taking advantage of site links for both SEO and PPC you are leaving a lot on the table.

Your branded terms are created by you, and they should be enjoyed by you. They are also the terms which are furthest down the conversion funnel, meaning it will cost you far less to convert those leads into sales over time.

This Is The Lowest Of The Low Hanging Fruit

If you are already run paid search campaigns, adding site links is very straightforward. If you aren’t running PPC for your branded terms, you are losing out on conversions for pennies on the dollar, and leaving room for your competition to steal customers, enough said.

When it comes to organic site links, you’ll need to make sure you’ve established to Google that you have a brand, and that they are displaying the appropriate site links for your website. You can then use Google webmaster tools to demote and manipulate organic site links to your delight.

demote site links tool

If you aren’t seeing organic site links for your most popular branded search terms, than it means you aren’t targeting your brands heavy enough with basic on-page and off page SEO.

Go back and add more of your brand terms to titles, metas, images, etc. throughout your website and give Google about 30 days to chew on it.

What Are You Waiting For?

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