25 ZMOT Quotes: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Some of my favorite quotes and sayings from Google’s ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) literature. What is the Zero Moment of Truth? “It’s a new decision-making moment that takes place a hundred million times a day on mobile phones, laptops and wire devices of all kinds. It’s a moment where marketing happens, where information happens, … [Read more…]

Insane SMS Marketing Stats that will Blow your Mind

Some would call SMS marketing the most effective marketing channel ever invented. They wouldn’t be wrong either. With a bone-crushing 98% open rate, if text messaging were an Olympic athlete, it would win all the medals in every sport, even figure skating. Running a text messaging campaign isn’t rocket science. It’s actually the complete opposite … [Read more…]

The Great Shift in Consumer Behavior

We are in the midst of the greatest shift in consumer behavior in my lifetime. I’m only 25, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the internet is changing the way consumers behave, and that this is upseting decades of traditional corporate behavior. Companies are used to strong arming their customers, giving them … [Read more…]

Use Social Media During Everything (Even a Blizzard)

I was really impressed with the way the Oncor social media team handled themselves during the latest turn of events in north Texas. For those of you who don’t know, Oncor provides power to more than 7.5 million Texans, and they were really put to the test this past week. The temperature in Texas dove … [Read more…]

Modifying WordPress Permalinks as SEO Friendly URLs

One of the things that gets overlooked the most in SEO is URL structure. At it’s core search engine optimization has to start with your domain name, and work out from there. And with the flood of new bloggers and wordpress builds hitting the web every day, permalink structure is the perfect place to start. … [Read more…]